Ola Infused Rapeseed Oil

Lemon infused Ola

Lemon infused Ola is ideal for fish and chicken. Drizzle over salads and seafood. Use instead of butter in pancakes and muffins.

Garlic infused Ola

Garlic infused Ola livens up any dish – try it in stir fries, pasta and stews. Ideal for making garlic bread.

Garlic infused Ola won a Gold Star Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Foods.

Basil infused Ola

Basil infused Ola is ideal for Italian cooking. Stir through pasta and risotto, or drizzle over pizza and bruschetta.

Basil infused Ola won 2 Gold Stars in Great Taste Awards from Guild of Fine Foods.

Chilli infused Ola

Chilli infused Ola is great for when you want to feel the heat! Use in curries, stir fries and chilli con carne. Or why not drizzle over pasta to give it a ‘kick’?

Rosemary infused Ola

Rosemary infused Ola adds a lovely flavour to chicken or lamb. Try it on roast potatoes, vegetables, or as an ingredient when making bread.