Ola Logs

What are Ola Logs?

Ola Logs are a completely natural, sustainable Scottish fuel source, made from the bi-product from pressing rapeseed in to oil.

We grow rapeseed on our farm in rural Aberdeenshire and this is cold pressed to make Ola rapeseed oil.

After pressing the seed, we’re left with what we call rapeseed cake. We then press the cake to make Ola Logs; a sustainable, easy to handle fuel which is environmentally friendly and completely natural; and Ola Logs are far more efficient than burning wood.

No more splinters in your hands or sparks from damp wood. No more coal dust all through your home. When it’s cold outside, just stick an Ola Log on the fire!

Why use Ola Logs?

The main thing you’ll notice, or more importantly feel, with Ola Logs is their efficiency: they burn for up to three times as long as wood and give off around twice the heat! Ola Logs give a very clean burn with very little ash and they’re suitable for all types of open fire, stove, boiler and wood burner.

Ola Logs are a sustainable fuel, are natural and help to minimise carbon output; cutting down on forestry and being Scottish, there’s less mileage and emissions getting them from our farm to your fire.

How do I use Ola Logs?

Use Ola Logs just like you’d use regular logs or coal. The logs do work best over a base of dry kindling or fire lighters. With a good base, Ola Logs will quickly start to burn and continue to do so for up to three times as long as wood.

Ola Logs should be stored in a dry, cool environment. It’s important to keep Ola Logs as dry as possible to ensure they burn as efficiently as possible. Ola Logs are clean and easy to handle: unlike wood, there’s no splinters or oddly sized logs which won’t fit in the basket or the fireplace and, unlike coal, there’s no dust - just clean, efficient heat.


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