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About Us

Ola Oils is a family business founded in 2008. We produce cold pressed rapeseed oil on our farm in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. Ola is the ideal Scottish alternative to olive oil.

We grow all our seed on the farm so this allows us to closely monitor the process from the sowing of the seed, right through to the finished product.

Rapeseed has been grown on the farm for decades. As an alternative to selling to a grain merchant, John decided to diversify and cold press the seed on site to create a healthy, nutritious oil.

Ola was born and we have never looked back since!

The Ola family consists of husband and wife John and Connie Sorrie, son and daughter, John and Chloe, and their partners Ellie and James.

The Process

The seed is sown on our farm near Inverurie and is monitored closely and carefully looked after throughout the growing process. The seed is then harvested and ready to be made into Ola Oil.

The seed is gently pressed, only once, to extract the oil. The seeds are gently squeezed at room temperature: this ensures that the full flavour and natural goodness is preserved. No chemicals or heat are added. After pressing, the oil is then pumped through a filter to remove any sediment and guarantee our beautiful clear oil. The oil is then bottled, labelled and delivered ready for you to enjoy!

Tel: 01467 622359